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Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Evan Kay began his career in residential construction in 2012 and after 4 years went on to start his own digital marketing company. In this new venture Evan discovered his passion for content creation and quickly became a published videographer. He later fell in love with cinematography through its ability to move people to emotion via storytelling. Since then, he has had the opportunity to work with multiple Fortune 500 Companies, Forbes Best Selling Authors, Fox News, state/local governments, multi-million dollar non-profit foundations and even Lamborghini. Evan has filmed in over 8 countries and 15 states, capturing content and building brands around the world while magically bringing the client’s stories and passion to life.


His background in marketing and experience with countless, diverse industries gives him the tools he needs to leverage cinematography with purpose. Not just creating a video, rather creating a story that will appeal to your direct audience. L'ascend's goal is not only to inspire people through photos or videos but, to also ensure the client's investment achieves the objective at hand and appeals to the target audience.



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